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Duct-free Split Systems for Commercial Applications

Carrier, the world leader in air conditioning and heating, offers you the right product for the right duct-free application, through its extensive network of “Duct-free Expert” dealers. For areas in your building with cooling and heating loads different than the rest of the building, a Carrier duct-free expert can offer you a cost-effective solution using Carrier and Toshiba-Carrier brands of duct-free products. For rooms that heat/cool people, we offer a line of high efficiency inverter systems (high SEER) with very low sound levels that, while saving you money, also keeps the people ultra comfortable by controlling the temperature. For rooms that heat/cool equipment (and thus have fixed loads), we offer a full line of fixed speed, high EER systems at a very economical price point. These systems are equally quiet.

Carrier and Toshiba-Carrier systems also offer unique features to fit your specific application, including:

  • Long refrigerant piping options where the indoor unit needs to be far from the outdoor unit
    (165-245 ft. length, 65-100 ft. height)
  • Low ambient cooling down to -20° F outdoor temperature
  • Optional wired controllers
  • Optional fresh air solutions (on same fan coils)
  • Optional auxiliary electric heat (on some fan coils)
  • 3-phase 230V and 460V models (on some capacities)
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